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7 Sober Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Instead of going to a restaurant where alcohol is readily available and the temptation may be greater, pack your own picnic dinner. You can have sparkling grape juice rather than champagne.

20 Fun Sober Date Ideas

Whip up some of your favorite dishes that travel well and throw in some candles for added romance. You could take a walk beforehand to get the perfect spot where you can cozy up and enjoy your meal together.

Sober Date Ideas for Angelenos (That Don't Suck) (part 2 of 2, made with Spreaker)

There are lots of great look-out points in California where you can stare at the ocean, gaze out over the cityscape, or take in the majestic mountains. There are some classic date ideas that withstand the test of time. Going to the movies is one of them.

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Enjoy the closeness of each other and laughing or screaming together as the movie unfolds. Go to a coffee bar instead of a regular bar. The oversized chairs are more comfortable than bar stools and the environment is much more relaxing.

Why You Don’t Need Alcohol to Have Fun on a Sober Date

It was the proof glue that held me and many a past partner together. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Is your town having a fair or special event? That would truly be my cup of green tea. Get active and bring out your competitive side with a bit of mini-golf.

Sip a hot drink while getting to know one another. Even better, find a coffee shop that has an assortment of books, antiques, or games to keep you entertained. Some also have live entertainment such as acoustic musicians, comedians, or poetry slams.

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Learn how to spend downtime together without feeling the need to have an alcoholic drink in hand. Is your town having a fair or special event? Is there a concert, art showing, restaurant tour, or other exhibit going on? If you or your date are self-professed foodies, go classic with a dinner reservation and if things go well, catch a movie afterward.

Go on a Hike

If you and your date are both thrill seekers, this can be a great way to break the ice and just have some good old-fashioned fun. Be sure to make a contest out of who can make the best expression for the photos.

Get active and bring out your competitive side with a bit of mini-golf. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

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You know what they say, couples who hike together stay together. The Zoo A trip to the zoo can be fun, and romantic.

Plus, zoos are usually affordable and can offer a full day experience. Picnic at the Beach or a Park A midday picnic is a very simple yet effective i. There is so much to do and see.

15 Sober Date Night Ideas That Will Make You Think Dating is Actually Fun

The US is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes almost everywhere. A hike can be a great opportunity for both you and your date to put away your phones and enjoy a special kind of closeness, away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

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  • 20 Sober Dating Ideas Without Alcohol.

Taking part in a game at which you or your date may not be particularly skilled can actually make for playful chemistry. Maybe your date needs some help with his or her form?

Go on a Hike

Sober dating without alcohol doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. There are plenty of booze-free date options out there if you use your imagination and a. Going on a date sober seems like it should be so simple — but, if you've gotten used to pairing every date with a cocktail or a large glass of.

Learning and struggling at something together is priceless. A solid dating staple since middle school, movies are low-maintenance yet entertaining. They make for easy conversation, a chance to kindle some flames without the dangers that come with, say, discussions about politics or religion.