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Oddly enough, she actually feels a stronger connection with this other wife than she does with her own husband. Although one of the women featured on this list said she had no say in the women her husband chose to marry, this woman has a different story to tell.

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She says that the only power she wields in the household is her opinion on who her husband can bring home. While she is probably thankful that she gets some say in these decisions, it is very upsetting that this is her only real power within her house. Her husband gets the final say in everything else.

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This just goes to show that many polygamist marriages are nothing but a male power trip. The man gets to have several women under his complete control, with the backing of his religious community, and these poor women have no power to speak up for themselves. But what about the other members of the family? With all these wives, there are bound to be quite a few kids running around the household. In fact, many men enter polygamist marriages with the goal of fathering many, many children. Therefore, polygamist families can often be much larger than the average family!

This woman was actually raised in a polygamist family. How many times per day was she told to clean her room? Because of her upbringing, she is now in a polygamist marriage herself.

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Some polygamist marriages are actually very normal at the start. For example, the woman who wrote this confession was in a perfectly normal marriage with her husband for seventeen years before another woman was ever brought into their relationship!

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This can occur because in Mormom communities, all marriages need to be approved by religious leaders. If a man wants to bring home a second wife, but none of the leaders in the community have approved of anyone yet, he may be waiting for quite a while. This woman decided to run away from her life in her Mormon community when she finally realized that her husband did not care about her or any of his other wives.

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He just wanted to have power over as many women as possible to gain status within their church. It is very difficult for these women to leave such marriages—otherwise, more of them would be running away more often. Leaving a polygamist marriage can often mean leaving behind the only life and family that she has ever known, and being all alone in the world instead. It is never an easy choice to make.

Well, for this poor young Mormon woman, that is not how her wedding night went. In fact, it was basically the complete opposite scenario. She got married to an older man who she had no say in choosing when she was only eighteen. And instead of sharing a romantic night with her husband, he forced her to sleep on the floor while he took his other wife to bed.

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Outside of Mormonism and a few other religions, polygamy is seen as very taboo. But if outsiders knew some of the darker details of these marriages, they might be even more disturbed by this practice. After all, these women are sisters, and they are also wives to the same husband.

Why would a man want an arrangement like this? Well, he may feel like he can assume more control over his wife and her family by marrying her sister.

This can also pressure her into staying with her sister rather than running away. After all, sharing your husband with other women, day after day, and never feeling true love or affection from him must really wear down on them over time. And the woman who wrote this confession confirms that this is true. She states that she was once perfectly happy in her marriage, but unfortunately, this happiness could not last. Eventually, her husband brought another wife home. After he did this, she fell into a deep depression. We completely understand why she would feel this way.

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After all of those happy years with her husband, she now has to deal with another woman in the household—and we bet that she did not get a say in this decision. Here is another woman who did manage to run away from her polygamist community. She was in a marriage where she was unhappy, and she knew that she had no happy future there. So she finally did what so many women in these situations dream of doing one day—she ran away. She tried her best to put the past behind her, but even to this day, she still feels ashamed of her past.

However, she has no reason to feel any shame for simply being brought up in this community and following their traditions.

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Specify why you are interesting. Detail your own personal beliefs in ethical non-monogamy, poly, etc. List what you are going to bring to the table and offering. Be forthcoming about your end goal be it FWB, relationship, an encounter, or all of the above. Using these types of words means you are not flexible. Within what you are looking for: Think about and list positives over negatives but be brutally honest about what you will not accept from a potential partner. This section is very important and must be thorough without being overly wordy.

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