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For long term compatibility the least I could deal with is vegetarian who mostly eats vegan. It is just an issue that is too close to my heart to have my SO not agree with. I would definitely prefer to date a vegan or vegetarian, or someone willing to cut back on meat. Unfortunately we're a relatively small minority at the moment, so that may be too difficult and I may need to just date someone who eats meat and dairy full-on. I would not, however, date someone who does not respect a vegan lifestyle or who flaunts their meat around like a flag.

Ultimately my plan for dating does not involve living with my SO so it wouldn't be that tricky anyway. She is free to do what she wants with her body if I am free to do what I want with mine. If there is no arguing about it, it's fine. It actually is much more irritating than some people might expect. I love eating meat and grilling, etc. When my ex couldn't ever do any of those activities with me and enjoy them with me, it became really tiresome.

Since I've never dated a vegan I'd be willing to give it a shot to at least learn that lesson the hard way. Although I may love the person to bits, the distance accumulates as time passes with every activity I want to share with them that I cannot. Sure they have the right to do anything they want with whomever they want, but with my SO I would want and I daresay need to share the things I love with SO.

If I cannot, the distance will grow and even though I love them to bits, I think it would tear us apart. It's really not that bad if you're self sufficient. I cook and eat meals for myself, and I don't go out to eat too much. It really wouldn't bother me at all. The problem would come if she tried to get me to give up meat. No, too big of a lifestyle difference. A vegetarian, probably, provided they're not preachy.

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I don't care how anybody else chooses to live their life, but I enjoy eating meat and don't feel sorry for doing so. If somebody just happens to not eat meat, you know, great, more power to them. My girlfriend is mostly vegetarian in practice and goes through periods of flexible veganism. It's pretty easy to work around and I try to cook more vegetable oriented things than not though I've been doing badly at that this winter.

I don't think I could date a strict vegan. I'm a dedicated omnivore, I enjoy cooking for my SO and I'm just not experienced or open enough to vegan cuisine to do it well. It also puts far too much of a damper on trying a wide variety of new restaurants. Probably not, but not because I have anything against them. I'm an avid hunter, and I rarely have a meal that doesn't have some form of meat in it.

I just don't think we would be very compatible. How is she going to feel when I spend most of the winter going out to hunt and we would probably never be able to share a meal Being that I mostly eat things with a face, I don't think I could do it. Not only do I love eating meat, I love hunting and there is nothing better than some moose you shot and grilled yourself. If a woman is vegan and is cool with me eating meat around her, I'm ok with her being a vegan so long as she doesn't try to push her views on me being that I wouldn't try to get her to eat animal products.

As long as she doesn't try to take over my diet. I LOVE dairy products milk, eggs, cheese, ect. If I have to give up the things I enjoy because someone doesn't live that life style is a red flag.

How you like your steak is one of my not so important but still kind of important "tests" for a girl. Plus, she probably wouldn't be able to eat a lot of my cooking if it was vegan. Nope, too much conflict will be arisen over something trivial. Like cost, preparation, etc. Just too much hassle. I've encountered many vegans who took an in-your-face, holier-than-thou approach to their diet, which is really off-putting.

I've also encountered many people who happened to be vegan but who were normal about it. As long as you understand that I'm never going to share your vegan dietary preferences and you don't have a problem with that then I don't really care. Although although I can see how you might not be compatible with people who have cooking or something like that as one of their main hobbies.

The whole movement is filled with militants and holier-than-thou types. I dated a vegan for over a year, and it was slowly one thing or another that she kept trying to change about me.

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Every conversation some how wound up being about factory farms. Then it was feminism, then it was bad language. I got tired of it when I realized she just blindly accepted whatever she read, and didn't actually know anything. I don't think you can generalize about the whole movement just based on one girl you've dated.

I'm a leather jacket wearing, whiskey swilling, cigar smoking hunter who lives by his propane grill when the weather permits. I'm not averse to vegetarian food - hell, a change in diet would probably do me a world of good. But it probably wouldn't work out. I had enough trouble cooking almost daily for a picky eater with pretty general dietary restrictions. It makes getting something to eat when you are stranded somewhere extremely difficult and irritating. Cooking for someone who couldn't eat pretty much all of my diet would be pretty much impossible for me.

It becomes too much work for me, my friends, and my family. They can't eat the typical things I do. I could almost never share a pizza with them, order in chinese, share an ice cream cone, etc. I couldn't cook the things I like to. I would have to alert my friends and family that "blah blah" is vegan so please be sure to have something available for her to eat when they throw dinner parties.

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I got to go to vegetarian restaurants all the time, but never to a Brazilian steak house, no matter how awesome the salad bar is and no kidding, it really is awesome. Log in or sign up in seconds. That kind of lifestyle choice hints at values that are likely incompatible, but it would require more information. I don't care how anybody else chooses to live their life, but I enjoy eating meat and don't feel sorry for doing so. I haven't yet met a vegan I could even be good friends with. Because you can't be a vegan, then, seriously. Looking back, that may have been a bit of an overreaction.

My brother tried being a vegetarian for a few years and I saw how much my mom hated coming up with new things to cook up when she invited us all over for dinner. It's like being sexually incompatible: I dated two vegetarians and lived with the second one. She was extremely picky and I had such a hard time feeding her.

She was cranky constantly. Immediate deal breaker, never again. Personally, I would not. My last ex was a vegetarian and that was even a hassle at times. I once made her stir fry and myself a chicken sandwich and I got yelled at because we weren't eating the same thing. I'm a vegan girl and it's kind of terrifying me how the vast majority of people here are saying no It's a pretty huge inconvenience as far as cooking together or eating out is concerned.

Assuming you'll eat two meals together on weekdays and three on the weekends, that's 16 times per week someone will have to compromise. I date a vegetarian, and it isn't that bad, but when I cook really great chicken, it makes me sad that I can't give her any. It's also kind of crummy that even though I love steak, I probably couldn't take her to a lot of steakhouses, for example. No wings, beer, trivia nights either. It doesn't seem like a huge deal on the surface, and I love her enough to deal with it, but sometimes I wish she just ate meat like me. My feelings aren't out of intolerance or militants misrepresenting you guys though. Your choices are your choices. If you're vegan for ethical reasons, then my apathy towards those ethics would be a time bomb waiting to explode IMO. You would see me as callous and unethical and therefore would want me to change.

I would think you're being pushy. If its for dietary reasons then I can probably accommodate so i guess octo-lavo, pesc, or reg. I feel like once the veganness comes up, a simple "Does my diet bother you? No need to make presumptions on anyone's behalf.

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Unfortunately, a lot of militant PETA type vegans have probably shaped a lot of opinions. I have a few lovely, pleasant and respectful vegan friends but prior to meeting them the only vegan I knew was a former friend turned straw feminist and PETA activist who would shove doctrine down the throats of anyone within earshot. She even snatched a chicken drumstick I was eating out of my hand once and castigated me over my lunch. So yeah, it's disheartening. A few bad apples can dirty the water for a great deal many more people.

That's a double whammy of things I hate: My true friends would know better than to do something that stupid. I have dated picky eaters, vegetarians and a girl who wouldn't eat red meat. It was such a pain. I might date a vegan causally, but never for a LTR. It's not about the politics, it's about the fact that if you spend more a few hours together there is going to be a debate. And that half the time that debate is when one person is hangry. It also seems that omnivore is always doing all of the compromising. I got to go to vegetarian restaurants all the time, but never to a Brazilian steak house, no matter how awesome the salad bar is and no kidding, it really is awesome.

And no matter which restaurant you wind up going to, one person is always making a passive aggressive sigh while looking at the menu. If you live together it's even worse. I enjoy cooking, but I get the choice of becoming vegetarian or vegan or making two different meals for every meal. Eating together is a huge part of being in a relationship, it's a lot shared experience, talking and sharing. Being on different pages just seems to lead to going apart rather then growing closer.

My bet is that a lot of these nos would change if they really liked a girl and knew she wasn't going to make it a big issue. I am an avid hunter and fisher, and take pride in butchering and preparing game that I personally take.

1. First off, vegans are better and more eager in bed.

Jul 26, Mainly because you thought all vegans wear tie-dyed clothes and live in illegal treetop protest camps, but your date looks normal. Attractive. Nov 28, 1. We love to eat. We just don't eat things that were once alive or the secretions of another creature. Other than that, everything is fair game and.

Most of my friends and family do the same, and I also have a few trophies on display in the house. I doubt a shegan whould want to get to close with me, but if we really liked each other and she could be ok with all that I honestly never though I could date a vegan or vegetarian girl based on how much I love to cook and consume meat.

After meeting a really cool vegetarian girl recently. I think it would be even better to for someone with restrictions. Cooking for someone is all about showing them you care about them and putting extra effort into it would just make it more special. They would just have to be okay with my meat tendencies. I'm sure I would tone it back for her out of consideration, but I'm still going to have to home cure a slab of bacon everyonce in a while.

It's not the end of the world. Yeah, there's plenty less fish in the sea but a lot of vegans will only date other vegans so if you meet one you're pretty much in. I'm a vegan guy and I'll only go out with another vegan. For me, people being against it is a nice early red flag for me.

I don't want to go out with someone whose response to serious ethical questions is 'uh, whatever, just don't talk to me about it'. On the short term, it wouldn't bother me since there are a few decent vegan friendly options that come to mind. Almost every meal I eat includes an animal product and I don't know of viable alternatives that don't. I have been very disappointed by even the upscale vegan cuisine I've tried so far not including Indian and Ethiopian cuisine. As long as she didn't try to force me to be vegan as well or bitch at me for eating meat I wouldn't care.

Only if she never looked at me funny for grilling up and eating a triple cheeseburger topped with bacon, obviously , or tried to correct my meat-eating ways. If, unlike every vegan I've ever met, she could find a way to be accepting of my choices, I could deal with hers. I dated a vegan gal once. I'd be open to date another vegan if they were nothing like her. Specifically, if you're going to limit your own diet, do not fucking whine about your fucking diet. If I were with someone who'll rationally own their moral choice and has accepted the challenges inherent thereto, I'm willing to cooperate and learn recipes and even eat vegan stuff sometimes ; I will not have my diet dictated, directly or passive-aggressively , but I will never again be chained to someone who apparently just wants an excuse to play the fucking victim three times a day.

If she wants to eat meat, she should eat meat! No one is forcing her to be vegan. Whenever someone says to me "oh yeah, you can't eat meat", I always reply, "no, I just choose not to. If I want to, I can eat it". That being said, I also joke about being the worst vegan ever.

Don’t let someone’s veganism put you off dating them

To each their own! I mean I do enjoy meat but I also enjoy tofu a lot and I could probably adapt if I had to cook often. If there are the options I often go vegetarian when I order food or cook, however it isn't really a habit of mine. Also, as long as she doesn't look down on people who aren't vegan or vegetarian I would be fine.

I could maybe date a vegetarian, but cooking and eating with a vegan is so damned hard. Most restaurants have vegetarian options, and I can cook sans meat, but if you take away eggs, cheese, and milk, shit gets a ton harder. A simple vegetarian might be datable, though challenging. A big part of any relationship platonic or otherwise is in the preparing and sharing of comestibles. Someone who has so many dietary restrictions of their own severely limits my options. Nothing against vegans, in fact I sort of admire the ability to have that sort of self control over what you consume I guess, but I love to eat meat and I would never be able to put up with that lol.

2. They’re passionate in and outside the bedroom.

I haven't yet met a vegan I could even be good friends with. So I'm fairly sure we'd have too many other ideological differences to date. I like meat way too much to be without it, which would be reality if the relationship went anywhere. Having to cook one meal can be challenging enough. Much less 2 separate meals and to make sure all products meet her specifications. Shes not that good in bed. I am vegan, so, absolutely. I don't think I'd be able to date a girl who ate meat, although a vegetarian would probably be alright.

I don't object to their lifestyle choice, but I don't want to always be worrying about needing vegan options when taking her out to eat or having her over. Put simply, being vegan is a very specific form of being high maintenance. A women would have to be really attractive for me to put up with it. I feel like it'd be similar to asking a Christian if they'd date an atheist As long as I'm free to eat my steaks in front of her, she's free to eat her absence of steaks in front of me. No, couldn't do it. I don't need a woman glaring at me when I bite into a juicy burger or some succulent ribs.

Not to mention I like eating eggs or omelettes for breakfast. I come from a family where chicken, fish and beef are prevalent in their diets. Bottom line I don't want to be changed and I don't want to change her. Female here, but no. Wouldn't date a vegan. I don't understand veganism and think it's a little odd: I only eat animal products from places I've confirmed treat their animals very well, which I put research into.

I've gone through responses and clarified some things about my stance as a vegan, and corrected one or two misconceptions. I'm open for any or all questions anyone may have.

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I am not a spokesperson for PETA or any other animal rights group, and I am not getting paid in any way. My beliefs may or may not be in line with the strictest beliefs held, and, for instance, I own 6 cats as pets I blame my dad, long story. I "only" wanted 4. I am just adding this here since I know how much of Reddit is like, although the discussion here seems far more intelligent than the discussion elsewhere on Reddit. Are you saying you're a vegan, but consume animals?

Because you can't be a vegan, then, seriously. A vegan does not eat any animal product or by product, or use any byproduct wool, dairy, eggs, leather, honey, products tested on animals. If you eat animals, you are not vegan. Sure, and probably healthier than most. Is she a militant vegan? Like always asking me to eat some roots or some shit and getting all pissy if I don't? Depends on why she's vegan. That kind of lifestyle choice hints at values that are likely incompatible, but it would require more information. Meat is just so rad man.

I could date one but I usually eat dinner and comment out loud about how it tastes. She'd have to be perfectly comfortable with that. And I've a feeling she wouldn't, so: One of my best friends from high school dated a Vegan for a time. They were serious enough that he brought her home from college for x-mas. A post shared by miRUNda mirandalarbi on Mar 24, at That might mean you walking 10 minutes further to find food, or taking a little longer to think about what to cook.

Offer to cook delicious vegan meals for them so they can see how easy it is to whip up home-cooked, healthy, cruelty-free, tasty food. View this post on Instagram. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro.